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These awesome map walls will leave you breathless for sure! The map print is something that will give an accent to that one center wall in your home. It can be just anywhere. The wall in your bedroom, or living room will be a nice place to add this. Adding a map wall in your entrance can be so welcoming. And the best idea ever is to put a map in kids room. It will certainly be a fun way to learn geography!

When it comes to creating a nice and smart setting in the boy’s bedroom, the walls again can help you to create a super creative, fun and yet educative ambiance in the room. For instance, decorating the walls in your boys bedroom with maps is an extremely smart and fun idea in order of encourageyour kid to learn more about geography, to have more close encounter with the countries of the word and maybe some day be a world traveler. We selected a 15 Interesting Boy’s Bedroom Design with Map Wall that could provide you with fine ideas. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Boy’s Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: Decorpad

The design of this map with colored countries is a great way to help your kid to learn the countries and its border, and beside that this map looks great as a focal point and provides the bedroom with lively and bright ambiance.

Blue Boy Bedroom with Map Walls

Image Source: House To Home

The blue nautical map surely adapts the theme of this cool boy’s bedroom. The color scheme is completely adapted with the map wall and so this boys bedroom looks super fresh, modern and cool.

Bright Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: House To Home

The white furniture of the bedroom in combination with the theranian world map as a statement wall provide this boy’s bedroom with super cool and cheerful ambiance.

Charming Boy’s Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: Lucky Boy

The oversized map wallpaper surely act as a focal point in this cozy and beautiful boy’s bedroom. The natural dark furniture of the room adds a warm and beautiful appearance and the map brings cheerful and lively feel.

Cool Boyish Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: pottery barn kids

The side map wall breaks through the plain appearance of the white walls and creates and interesting theme in this beautiful boys bedroom. We especially love the cute brown leather bed in the bedroom which surely stands out in this place.

Cool Teen Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: pottery barn kids

This is obviously teenage boy bedroom, decorated with a really cool and sophisticated sense of taste. The map wall in the center of the room stands out and provide the place with cool and smart ambiance matching the big oversized bed with NBA bedding.

Green Boy Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: Ebay

The map wall strikes with the green wall and creates really bright and vibrant ambiance in this cool boy’s bedroom. The master bed stands out in the bedroom and provides the room with cool, boyish note.

Lively Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: pottery barn kids

We really love the layout of this cool boy’s bedroom. The map wall adds interesting and educational accent in the bedroom and provides the place with charming and lively feel.

Modern Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: HomeDepot

Here is another boy’s bedroom with cool map wall consisting of a colored countries which creates a lively and bright appearance in this awesome boy’s bedroom.

Nautical Boy Bedroom with World Map Wall

Image Source: Decoist

The nautical theme along with the nautical map wall create super vibrant and cool ambiance in this beautifully decorated boys bedroom. The map wall provide the bedroom with interesting and creative appearance.

Relaxing Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: Decoist

This twins bedroom is just amazing, the way is decorating is extremely modern and beautiful. THemonochrome map wall matches the setting of the bedroom and adds extra charm in the place.

Sea Themed Bedroom with Nautical Map Wall

Image Source: Next

The pirate theme of this bedroom in combination with the treasure map wall make this boy’s bedroom super awesome and extremely beautiful and fresh.

Shared Bedroom with Map Wall

Image Source: Remodelaholic

This bedroom is decorated with a real map not a wallpaper, which is a really cool and bold thing to do. The shared bedroom looks cool and educative due to the map wall.

Teenage Boy Room with World Map Wall

Image Source: Asucssi

This map wall surely looks colorful and playful. The map set on the side of the bed is cool idea so the kid can look at the map and analyze it every time he is in bed.

Twin Boys Bedroom with Map Wall

The oversized map wall in this big shared boy’s bedroom creates great focal point and provides the place with really charming and lively ambiance.

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